In the 1970s, Arı Metal Inc. was founded under the leadership of (Mr.) Yusuf Arı and (Mr.) Doğan Arı in Adana. Since it was established, has been self-renewing and expanding the position in the field of Heavy Duty Vehicles and Heavy Industry. In 1994, as an indicator of development, it was transformed into the incorporated company from the individual company. Arı Metal Inc.'s service area extends through the effective work discipline and today it has been serving in Ankara and Adana. However, there are a lot of family-owned companies which can not stand the hard conditions of today's commercial life, Arı Metal Inc. subsists with the partners of the family for over 40 years of perseverance and happiness.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Yunus ARI
Members of the Board of Directors
Köksal ARI
Ertuğrul ARI